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The Pool

Ping Lumpraploeng

Nail-Biting Open Sky Huis Clos

Thailand, 2018, 91'

th sub en, 16a

7.7, Arcades, 0:30

13.7, Arcades, 23:15

The movie

You think waking up from a nap is difficult? Wait till you see what Day has to go through: trapped in a huge, empty swimming pool, he must escape and avoid getting eaten by a crocodile.

Picture this: a 6-meter deep empty swimming pool, a young commercial director and his wife trapped at the bottom, no ladders, and no way out. Just when they thought things couldn’t get worse, a starving crocodile arrives, convinced that this is the ideal place for laying eggs. This simple and efficient premise drives this intense claustrophobic thriller that never slows down. Elevated crocodile horror? Shark movies better watch out!

World Sales :

Mono Film Co., Ltd.

writers :

Ping Lumpraploeng

cast :

Theeradej Wongpuapan, Ratnamon Ratchiratham