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The Prey

Jimmy Henderson

Hunting For Survival Action

Cambodia, 2018, 93'

zh/th/cmn sub en/fr, 16a

8.7, Studio, 17:00

13.7, Studio, 15:15

The movie

After a raid, a cop who went undercover in jail becomes the target of a sadistic manhunt in the jungle. Cambodia delivers an impactful, adrenaline-inducing actioner.

Undercover in the Phnom Penh underworld, Xin is caught out at his own game when he is arrested and propelled in a merciless manhunt by the local police force. In the middle of the jungle, he must escape heavily armed pursuers. Jimmy Henderson’s follow-up to Jailbreak (NIFFF 2017), his engrossing martial arts flick, The Prey is proof that Cambodia might very well become the cradle for new Asian action cinema.

World Sales :

Raven Banner Entertainment

producers :

Jimmy Henderson

cast :

Gu Shang-wei, Vithaya Pansringarm, Sahajak Boonthanakit, Sarin Preap

Crew :
  • Music : Sebastien Pan
  • Cinematographer : Lucas Gath
  • Editor : Jimmy Henderson