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The Tag-Along

Cheng Wei-hao

Ghostly Folk Horror

Taiwan, 2015, 99'

zh sub en/fr, 16a

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The movie

In collaboration with Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris and the Ministry of Culture Republic of China (Taiwan). 
Wei investigates the mysterious disappearance of his grandmother, the victim of a curse. Based on an urban legend, this box-office smash hit revitalized the Taiwanese horror film industry.

German subtitles available for online screenings.

A famous Taiwanese urban legend tells of sudden disappearances of people at the hands of a "little girl dressed in red". Tag-Along proposes to discover this ghost story in all its terror. Wei mysteriously disappears one day before her grandmother reappears from her own strange vanishing, sending her girlfriend on an investigation into the heart of evil. Inspired by J-horror, and reworked in Formosa style, Tag-Along has blown up the domestic box office, revitalized Taiwanese horror cinema and launched a successful franchise. Chills guaranteed!

writers :

Chien Shih-keng

cast :

Hsu Wei-ning, River Huang, Liu Yin-shang

Crew :
  • Music : Rockid Lee
  • Cinematographer : Chen Ko-chin
  • Editor : Kao Ming-sheng