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Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro

Ken Ninomiya

Deep-Fried Musical Comedy

Japan, 2020, 100'

ja sub en/fr, 12

The movie

Agetarô works in a family restaurant renowned for serving the best tonkatsu in Tokyo. But cooking this breaded pork speciality is no longer enough for him. While delivering an order to a nightclub, he becomes aware of the similarity between a DJ's groove and the dexterity required to prepare tonkatsu. A genuine revelation, this inspires him to fuse the two skills together! Adapted from the manga by Yipiao and Yujiro Koyama, Tonkatsu is more than just another quirky proposal from Japan, it is to cuisine and music what Shaolin Soccer was to sport and kung fu. Exuberant and frenetic, it is the euphoric delirium of the year!

World Sales :

Pony Canyon Inc

writers :

Ken Ninomiya

cast :

Kitamura Takumi, Yamamoto Maika, Ito Kentaro, Iseya Yusuke