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Tous les dieux du ciel

Array Quarxx

Most Radical Film Of The Year

France, 2018, 102'

fr sub en, 16a

9.7, Rex, 22:15

12.7, Rex, 22:30

The movie

Simon cannot live with the responsibility of having caused his sister’s disability. He comes up with an unbelievable plan to alleviate her suffering. A film that will leave its mark.

Simon, a 30-something factory worker, lives in an isolated, dilapidated farm with his sister Estelle. She is bed-ridden, plunged in a vegetative state since a childhood accident. When Simon is fired, he falls into a deep obsessional depression, starved for contacts with another world. French filmmaker Quarxx delivers a deeply disturbing directorial debut dripping in an oppressive atmosphere.

World Sales :

Films Boutique

writers :

Array Quarxx

cast :

Jean-Luc Couchard, Melanie Gaydos, Thierry Frémont

Crew :
  • Cinematographer : Antoine Carpentier
  • Editor : Rémi Orth, Quarxx