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We Are Little Zombies

Nagahisa Makoto

8-Bit Musical Adventure

Japan, 2019, 120'

ja sub en/fr, 14a

9.7, Passage 1, 22:15

13.7, Arcades, 20:00

The movie

Hikari, Takemura, Ishi and Ikuko share the same tragic fate: they’ve all become orphans recently. They decide to fight off their sadness by creating a rock band. A pop deflagration.

Unable to come to terms with their parents’ death, four orphans decide to create a rock band. Japanese director Nagahisa Makoto’s relentless, colourful film feels like a video game that’s overflowing with ideas. At its core, We Are Little Zombies reflects on the anxiety of a youth that no longer believes in anything and takes nothing seriously – not even death. Inventive and intoxicating!

World Sales :

Nikkatsu Corporation

writers :

Nagahisa Makoto

cast :

Ninomiya Keita, Mizuno Satoshi, Okumura Mondo

Crew :
  • Cinematographer : Takeda Hiroaki
  • Editor : Inamoto Maho
  • Music : Yamada Katsuya