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X - The eXploited

Károly Ujj Mészáros

Eerie Thriller

Hungary, 2018, 114'

hu sub en/fr, 14a

6.7, Studio, 16:45

11.7, Studio, 17:00

The movie

Nobody believes a former police investigator when she says the recent suicides plaguing Budapest could be linked to a serial killer… or worse. An apocalyptic crime thriller.

Who would believe a female cop who is suffering from psychological problems, fighting with financial troubles and raising a rebellious daughter? No one. Even when a serial killer walks the streets of Budapest... After the outrageous musical Liza, The Fox-Fairy (NIFFF 2015), Károly Ujj-Mészáros is back with something completely different. This elevated thriller with multiple twists reflects on the past, present and future of a changing Hungary.

Festival Contact :

Hungarian National Film Fund / HNFF World Sales

cast :

Mónika Balsai, Zoltán Schmied, Zsófia Bujáki

Crew :
  • Music : Dániel Csengery
  • Cinematographer : Martin Szecsanov
  • Editor : Gyula István Mózes