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Benoît Forgeard

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France, 2019, 102'

fr sub en, 14a

9.7, Arcades, 19:45

12.7, Arcades, 17:00

The movie

An aspiring rap singer accepts to take a smart refrigerator under his swing, which he will soon bond with in very… unusual ways. Impossibly hilarious at every level!

Jerem, a 30-something loser of a rap singer, moves in with his grandma to write his first album. Between two recording attempts, he meets So, a researcher for a start-up called Digital Cool. She convinces Jerem to try out Yves, a new kind of fridge equipped with artificial intelligence, supposedly designed to make life easier. Except Yves takes more space than anticipated and will soon influence the young man in unforeseen ways.

To say this comedy is wild would be an understatement. Yves questions the future of humans among the Internet of Things by imagining an incongruous relationship between a man and his smart fridge. However, Forgeard excels at injecting a surprising amount of authenticity amidst the absurdist and crazy humour. Fridge, life coach, beatmaker and more, Yves is a character that will stay with you for a long time. Think of the film as a funny relative to Black Mirror.


After studying at the Fine Arts, artist, actor, writer and filmmaker Benoît Forgeard made a name for himself by directing a dozen irreverent short films (notably Fuck U.K.and Respect). He then made the mesmerizing anthology film Réussir sa vieand the political satire Gaz de France(NIFFF 2015). He is also the author of the hilarious book L’année du cinéma 2027 : Les films du futur à ne pas rater, a compilation of (fake) future film releases.

Local Distributor :

Sisters Distribution

writers :

Benoît Forgeard

producers :

Emmanuel Chaumet

cast :

William Lebghil, Philippe Katerine, Doria Tillier, Alka Balbir

Crew :
  • Music : Bertrand Burgalat
  • Cinematographer : Thomas Favel
  • Editor : Maryline Monthieux