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As the only Swiss festival dedicated to fantasy and its related genres, the NIFFF possesses a strong and unique identity. Our original approach ensures the quality and global recognition of our programme, and allows for numerous collaborations with cultural institutions worldwide.

The encompassing, pluridisciplinary approach that defines the fantastic films selected at the NIFFF have made the festival an internationally recognised centre of excellence and innovation. Our film programming is extended through three special labels: NIFFF EXTENDED, “the future of cinema”, NIFFF INVASION, “pluridisciplinary fantasy works for everyone”, and NIFFF ON TOUR, an off-festival programme. The former was designed as a way for industry professionals to perfect their skills, while the latter serves as a platform for promoting the fantasy genre in the mainstream. Both events are free. As for NIFFF ON TOUR, it is a programme shown after the festival that promotes fantastic films in collaboration with major industry players.

Created in 2000, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) has become, after 18 editions, an unmissable event for film lovers. Its diverse, innovative and prestigious programme has ensured it a national and international presence. This event is mainly dedicated to one genre – that is fantasy, or fantastic films. Asian cinema and digital creation are the two additional topics that complete the picture. Equally acclaimed by audiences, critics and federal institutions, the NIFFF has been growing continuously, showing steady increases in ticket sales and has even reached 45,000 attendees during its last edition.

Opening, NIFFF 2018 © Claire Zombas