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NIFFF Extended

A series of conferences that identify the future challenges for films and the audiovisual arts.

Since 2016, the Imaging the Future (Digital Creation & New Technologies) symposium, the New Worlds of Fantasy (Contemporary Fantasy Literature) literary forum, the Storyworlds (Audiovisual Storytelling) symposium, and the Epic Game Jam (Video game creation) help identify the main challenges the fantasy genre faces in Switzerland and elsewhere.


Digital creation and new technologies

The Imaging the Future project, which the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) has been organising since 2004, is a series of conferences that explore the links between audiovisual productions and technological innovations. It pays particular attention to the latest advancements in imaging solutions.
This event is unique inasmuch as it presents an opportunity for experts from various fields (film, contemporary art, video game designing, engineering, telecommunication, sociology or futurology) to gather together. This multidisciplinary approach sheds an original and very relevant light on the current situation, and makes it possible for artists, engineers, and industrialists from Neuchâtel, Switzerland and elsewhere to share their experiences.

Siren, the highest-fidelity digital human created to date
Siren, the highest-fidelity digital human created to date


Contemporary Fantasy Literature

New Worlds of Fantasy is a free event open to everyone. It includes round tables, conferences and book signing sessions with renowned Swiss and international writers, comic book artists, filmmakers, and researchers. Particular attention will be paid to the reciprocal influencing between artists, as well as the transposition of stylistic processes, in order to better understand the new possibilities in storytelling that arise with new communication technologies.

Why do we play? Time to think about that.


Audiovisual Storytelling

As new technologies redefine the way we perceive reality, Storyworlds offers to examine, since 2014, their impact on the production of stories in the fantasy genre. Since new perspectives on the representation of our imagination now exist, storytelling is unavoidably entering a novel era.
With Storyworlds, attendees can meet industry experts and keep themselves up to date with the evolution of screenwriting for shows, and how it has changed in light of new technologies. Divided into three parts, the Storyworlds symposium will also be an opportunity to compare Swiss productions with prestige ones from abroad.

Fantastic Web Contest III:
Fantastic Web Contest III: the most extraordinary pitching session