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The ancient city of Neuchâtel is located in the heart of Switzerland and is well-known for fostering the connections between artistic imagination and innovation. Every year, the festival takes over about 10 locations, notably 4 screening rooms, 1 covered Open Air (capacity: 2,143 seats) and various strategic meeting points.


The NIFFF’s 18th edition marked the move of its Open Air attraction – which used to be located on the Ostervalk quay – to a superb and grandiose medieval backdrop, thanks to our collaboration with the City of Neuchâtel, Association Neuchâtel Centre, the Groupement du marché, and the square’s restaurant owners. Having noticed the enthusiasm surrounding this development, the festival’s organisers cannot help but think they are finally entering a new era, having reaped the fruit of their long-lasting labour. The City of Neuchâtel joins them in thanking the economic stakeholders who backed their project and committed to its success.

Open Air © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF 2018


The NIFFF works hand in hand with Cinepel SA to offer screenings at the Cinéma des Arcades (Faubourg de l’Hôpital 5), at the Cinéma Rex (Faubourg de l’Hôpital 16) and at the Cinéma Studio (Faubourg du Lac 7).

Cinéma des Arcades © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF 2018


As a meeting point for festival goers and professionals alike, the Théâtre du Passage includes a screening room, a conference room, and a restaurant. It is the ideal location for presentations and exhibitions.

Entrée du Théâtre du Passage, NIFFF 2018


The cult cinema Temple du Bas has a capacity of 800 seats and is one of the few architectural temples that have been repurposed. It is home to a VR exhibition and first-class music events.

Choréoké au Temple du Bas © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF 2018


An audience favourite, the festival off is composed of bars and animations. The VIP area works as a stylish public relation platform for professionals, who can share unforgettable moments with the guests. All NIFFF audiences converge to this site.

Espace OFF © Thallie Rossetti, NIFFF 2018
Cinéma des Arcades © Claire Zombas, NIFFF 2018
Espace VR au Temple du Bas © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF 2018